“I love the work you are doing.”
Gurujas Khalsa, Grammy-winning vocalist, on Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony

Kids Recording @ Reach Studios

Reach is available for audio production work of many kinds, not just music. For TV, film, podcasts, games, and other multimedia purposes, Reach has the right isolation rooms, microphones, and production savvy for your voice talent. Voiceovers and narrations can be recorded individually or with a group of voice actors.

Reach owner Cory Cullinan has been recording, directing and producing dialog for musical theatre and storytelling projects for years — listen to the Doctor Noize album The Return of Phineas McBoof for just one example with a wide range of voice actors and talent.  Reach can also provide you with the voice talent for your projects — male or female, adult or child, spoken or sung. Contact Reach and we’ll help you plan and complete your project.

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