Here’s what’s offered at Reach.  If you’re an artist seeking a related production service, just ask — Cory will connect you with the same people he entrusts with his own music.

Producing Recordings

Peruse the previous pages (that’s alliteration…) and you’ll find recording at Reach is a uniquely inspiring experience.  Cory’s rate for producing your recording at Reach is $75/hour, $500/day, or $2,000 a week.  The rates are carefully set so that Reach is within reach of everyone from first-time recording artists to Grammy winners, both of whom have recorded here.  If you want to record at a first-class facility with an experienced hit producer in a dream environment — no matter who you are — Reach makes that possible.  There’s nowhere else like it, and we’ll even let you stay in our luxurious Guest Suite while you do, making Reach a no-brainer for both your comfort and your pocketbook.

Composing & Recording Commissions

Cory is available to write and record music for your projects and purposes.  He’s received and completed composing and recording commissions for major orchestral works, film scores, songs for placement in TV and film, musical theatre works, songs for educators, and entire pop albums.  Your project can be done at his hourly/daily/weekly rates or on an agreed commission basis.

Voice & Studio Musician Work

An experienced singer, actor and voiceover artist in the studio, Cory can contribute any of those to your project — whether he’s producing it or you’d simply like to hire him to lay down some voice tracks.  He can also play keyboards, guitar, saxophone and percussion on your recordings — all of which he plays on his own recordings and in his live shows around the country.  His rates are the same as his Production rates above.

Studio Rental

Acts with an experienced and preferred engineer and/or producer may rent out Reach Studios.  Soccer coaches wishing to train players in inclement weather or a controlled environment can also rent Reach out for the Field Of Dreams and Fitness Space.  Owner Cory Cullinan will bill first-time Reach Studios clients for an hour of his time (or more if you need it) to get you up and running in the Studio, and then he’ll leave you to your work.  Renting out Reach for your own use is $25/hour$175/day, or $750/week.

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