“This is so much better than recording in a big corporate studio.”
— Grammy-winning vocalist Nathan Gunn on recording @ Reach

Here’s a tour of Reach Studios’ facilities, designed and owned by a recording artist after years of recording in studios designed and run by engineers.  Contact for an on-site tour.

Control & Composing Room

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The Control & Composing Room is a beautiful space with Genelec speakers, impeccable sound treatment to hear and mix music precisely, an 88-key weighted master keyboard controller, electronic drums, a vocal iso booth, a custom drop-down worktable, a window streaming natural outdoor light, and the best recording and composing software like Logic, Pro Tools, Live and Sibelius.  With space for a full band to comfortably sit to monitor takes, it’s wired to five rooms with different acoustical properties, with a giant double studio glass window for direct visibility to the main Recording & Rehearsing Room.

Recording & Rehearsing Room

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The Recording & Rehearsing Room is soundproofed and treated for pristine recording without reverberation.  It’s wired with 16 inputs and headphone jacks to hear what’s playing in any other room and fitted with a Yamaha digital piano.  Whether you’re a band, string quartet, or small vocal ensemble, this is an inspiring place to record and a peaceful place to rehearse.  A giant double studio glass window gives direct visibility to your producer and engineer in the Control Room.  A flatscreen with an Apple TV on the wall displays lyrics, videos, teaching materials, or mirrors the Control Room computer screen.

Piano & Choir Room


The Piano & Choir Room features a grand piano in a gorgeous acoustic space with hardwood flooring and 22-foot ceilings.  It’s wired to the Control Room downstairs with 4 inputs and headphone jacks to hear what’s playing in any room in the Studio.  Reach has recorded a 36-voice choir in this room singing over a recording of the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, but it’s equally suitable for solo piano and piano/voice recordings.

Field Of Dreams

The Field Of Dreams provides an alternative reverberant space to the Piano & Choir Room for  acoustic sound — drums, vocals, or whatever’s needed.  It’s wired with 16 inputs and headphone jacks to hear what’s playing in any room in the Studio and a 50″ flatscreen TV and DVD.  It’s also a professional-grade indoor turf field with rubber infill and a fun place to relax playing soccer, dodgeball or just tossing the football between takes.

Control Room Closet


The Control Room Closet stores Reach’s gear, but it’s also wired with 2 inputs and auxiliary lines for double duty as an iso room to record guitar amps and other eclectic needs.  All monsters in the Closet are supersonic in nature and of your own creation.

Fitness Space

The Fitness Space is a fully functional cardio and strength training area with rubber flooring, free weights, medicine balls, weighted bars, fitness cables, yoga mats and blocks, push-up bars, pull-up bars, a recumbent exercise bike, a step machine, a dual basketball hoop game, darts, and a giant 50″ TV with broadcast, DVD and Apple TV.  A great place to blow off steam between takes.

Reach Restroom

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A private, meticulously clean restroom on the Studio Floor is exclusive to Reach Studios.

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