Hear from clients, collaborators and colleagues on production and teaching at Reach…

Production Professionals

“It’s deep, man. I APPLAUD you big time, for your fine work… Keep it up.”
Hershel Yatovitz, Guitarist of the Chris Isaak Band

Outrageously high quality production and vision, Cory Cullinan. Bless you.
Lori Henriques, Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist

“The overall production was absolutely stunning. When I think about the time, focus and effort the project must have taken, I can only begin to imagine the pride you must be taking in the whole recording.”
Cliff Goldmacher, Grammy-Recognized Songwriter, Producer & BMI Writer

“I haven’t had fun like today in a long time. I can’t wait to keep working on this project  seriously… SO AMAZING what you are doing, the quality, fun and beauty of it is really inspiring.  Thank you for that.”
— Isabel Leonard, Grammy-Winning Opera Star

They sound great!  Wow, what a huge, colorful, production with about a million moving parts to it!  Many thanks for the opportunity for the Chorale folks to take part in it!
Steve Sano, Stanford Chamber Chorale Director

“I never heard an independent (CD) produced at this level.”
— Emily Bezar, DemiVox Records Recording Artist

“It is quite an impressive production… Congrats on an epic record!
Jim “Kimo” West, Grammy-Winning Solo Recording Artist & Guitarist for Weird Al Yankovik

“A superb composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, singer, musician, entrepreneur and I can only imagine what else you’re capable of.”
Martin Tichy, Violinist, Composer & Vienna Symphonic Library Marketing Director

Our goal at the Children’s Theatre is to present stories that engage our audiences.  We are honored to collaborate with a composer of Cullinan’s experience, imagination, and musical skill directing his talents toward fostering new work for young audiences.
Judge Luckey, Palo Alto Children’s Theatre Managing Artistic Director

“He got an unfair huge slice of the talent pie, but you couldn’t hate him because he’s such a great guy.  I knew he’d do amazing things when I first met him, but this… wow.”
Bill Hare, Grammy-Winning Record Producer

“It’s fantastic.  I admire what you’ve done here… it’s clearly top notch. An incredible production!”
Mindy Thomas, Wow In The World Podcast & Sirius XM Kids Place Live Host

“WOW… just wow… what a monumental production!! It’s hard to find one aspect… which doesn’t shine equally bright.”
Emilio D. Miler, Latin Grammy-Winning Producer

“Cory Cullinan is not afraid of taking risks.  Meticulously constructed and presented, the CD nonetheless exudes a sense of being created in the moment with unbounded humor. The album is a towering artistic achievement.”
Dr. David Yearsley, Cornell Music Professor, in Counterpunch

“The production is fantastic!”
— Amy X Neuburg, Racer Records Recording Artist

“Every time I work with Cory Cullinan on a project, I expect to be entertained by a new and different musical vision. His ability to use music to enlighten the listener shows through…”
— Jay Kadis, Stanford Recording Arts Teacher

“Will consider this mission accomplished… So ridiculously full of energy. It’s also very musical… Seriously I am floored, it’s awesome.”
— Austin Wintory, Grammy-Nominated Orchestral Composer

“He is sort of one of those musicians without borders, and he uses all of his influences and incorporates them beautifully — flawlessly… Brilliant, funny, and largely influenced by the Beatles, the Gershwins, and Gustav Mahler!!!”
— Marla Bodi, KPFA-FM 94.5 (Berkeley) DJ

I was so grateful to work on this with you, Cory. The music and live sound really change the energy of the production, and make it feel so much more full and engaging. Thank you so much.”
— Marieke GabouryEast of the Sun, West of the Moon Director

“I love the work you are doing.”
— Gurujas Khalsa, Grammy-Winning Recording Artist

“Brilliant sounds — the production is top-notch.”
— Ricky Kej, Grammy-Winning Recording Artist

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Cory’s immense talent as a voice over artist. Together we created successful assets that were enjoyed by literally hundreds of thousands of people and had a really great time working together. You have to change the rating measurement from 10 to 11 to include everything that Cory can deliver with the utmost of professionalism, sustained good energy and true originality.”
— David Spitzer, CEO of Upper Diamond

“This stuff is amazing.”
— Greg O’Connor, Emmy-Winning Composer & Owner of Number 1 Trax Licensing

“This is so much better than recording in a big corporate studio.”
— Grammy-Winning Singer Nathan Gunn on recording at Reach


“I recorded a song today as a birthday gift to myself at a professional recording studio called Reach Studios in Lone Tree. The producer, Cory Cullinan, is an all around wonderful human being. He has a fun personality, and kids and adults quickly warm to him. I can personally say I grew a lot from his training as Cory builds both skills and confidence. If you’d like to record a song (or an album!) just reach out to Cory. He’s got an amazing studio, and he offers reasonable rates. Go for it!”
Elizabeth Billups, Studio Client

“This has been an incredibly wonderful experience for Neela, and Shailesh and I are so thankful to you for taking the time and sharing your enthusiasm and talent with her. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks for bringing out the best in her.”
Madhu Rao, Mother of Recording Artist Neela Rao

“Thanks for the musical mastery and being awesome.”
Paul Bell, Studio Client

“I don’t give out compliments lightly, but this is incredible. I’m thinking of recording my own independent project, and this is raising the bar and inspiring me to a higher standard for my own project.”
— Jason Myers, Pianist/Songwriter

I’m all about good orchestration now, and your album has certainly got that… You were a huge influence on me getting started with recording. In fact, you were kind of THE influence. So bones to you, brother.”

“It’s the most valuable thing in my life. With this CD, I took a step forward in my life instead of being controlled by my fate. This CD is my baby, which arrived after the series of the most difficult events in my life. I am sure that I will meet other difficult problems in later life. Then, I will listen to this meaningful CD and believe that I can go through those problems again as I did last year.
— Seejun Jeong, from his College Application Essay

“This wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
— Indie artist Max Popov on Recording his Russian Reggae Recording at Reach


“Purpose matters.”
— Cory Cullinan, Reach Studios Owner

“Mr. Cullinan is an inspiring, effective educator who left a lasting impact on my life… I have vivid memories of his high energy teaching style, positivity, and deep commitment to his students. He is rare, one of a kind, and brings out the best in everyone around him… He embodies the existence of bright light on the other side.”
Ritika Puri, Former Student & Executive Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to our fundraiser. Your presence at the party and your keynote message to our guests was the perfect element to success! Thank you so much for also making time in your busy schedule.”
Sonja Palmer,  Music For Minors Executive Director

“I still find it next to impossible to imagine just how much stamina and willpower and strength Mr. C commands; I have so much respect for him. Mr. C is a hero simply because he has given me, however unintentionally, the gift of inspiration. I can only aspire to simulate his remarkable qualities in my own life; but I shall try.”
— Doris Huang, Harvard-Bound Former Student, on 

“You are a great coach… to thousands of young people.”
— Alison Browne, Alaskan Noizemaker

I recently read “The Last Lecture,” which was so poignant… I thought a lot of Cory. Pausch’s energy and how he affected and influenced people, students, and colleagues reminded me of you. You would be an amazing teacher at a higher level of education, and thought you should know that I think that.
Leslie Pelinka, Oregon Pediatrician & Doctor Noize Fan

“Through all of his artistic endeavors, Cullinan delivers a pro-music message that is creative, educational and fun.”

“Cory is fun to work with and a fine human being.”
— David Bondelevitch, Emmy-Winning CU Denver Professor

“Cory is an outstanding teacher. Besides having a strong grasp and background in his subject, his engaging spirit and passion provide a strong connection with his students. He lights that fire within each student. An absolutely amazing educator!”
— Doc Scheppler, 6-Time CA State Champion Basketball Coach

“The secret to student engagement was connecting works to their creator’s story and purpose. Learning this informed everything I’ve done as a teacher and Doctor Noize, whose albums are character-based musicals challenging kids with sophisticated fare. Students of any age will explore challenging musical puzzles when we remember: We’re all moved by people, story and purpose.”
— Cory Cullinan, on what he learned at Pinewood School

Quick Quotes from students Cory taught Remotely on Zoom from Reach Studios:

 “The environment that Cory created was so conducive to being open, friendly, thinking with precision and really doing things on your own to learn for yourself.

We love Cory and his energetic attitude.

What was most helpful was exploring the studio space and exploring ways to record in unique ways in unique spaces.

Cory is a great instructor, very fun and very professional.”

Cory is a very personable and friendly instructor, so even slogging through key commands in Pro Tools was fun and engaging.

“Kept everyone’s spirits up, loved engaging with students, understood how to read the room (was able to say “Hey the world’s kinda crummy right now let’s take a break”)…”

I think the way you teach really works. It helps that you engage with your students… instead of just giving us a lecture. I also think it helps that you have a sense of humor with everything. It makes it a lot easier to learn when you’re cracking jokes or saying/doing things that we will remember or will make us want to remember rather than just telling us about things.

Cory is great and really fun to learn from.”

Very personable and helpful.”

Cullinan was really effective in helping keep our spirits up and to keep smiling.

“Find your song.”
— Cory Cullinan, Reach Studios Owner

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