“A superb composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, singer, musician, entrepreneur and I can only imagine what else you’re capable of.”
Martin Tichy, Vienna Symphonic Library Marketing Director

“He got an unfair huge slice of the talent pie, but you couldn’t hate him because he’s such a great guy.  I knew he’d do amazing things when I first met him, but this… wow.”
Bill Hare, Grammy-winning record producer

“I recorded a song today as a birthday gift to myself at a professional recording studio called Reach Studios in Lone Tree. The producer, Cory Cullinan, is an all around wonderful human being. If you’d like to record a song (or an album!) just reach out to Cory. He’s got an amazing studio, and he offers reasonable rates. Go for it!”
Elizabeth Billups

“This has been an incredibly wonderful experience for Neela, and Shailesh and I are so thankful to you for taking the time and sharing your enthusiasm and talent with her. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks for bringing out the best in her.”
Madhu & Shailesh Rao, parents of recording artist Neela Rao

“Musical mastery and being awesome.”
Paul Bell

“This wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
— Max Popov on recording @ Reach

“Brilliant sounds — the production is top-notch.”
— Ricky Kej, Grammy-winning recording artist

“This is so much better than recording in a big corporate studio.”
— Grammy-winning vocalist Nathan Gunn on recording @ Reach

“Hi Cory, I have been meaning to write to you about your support and encouragement to Neela and helping her get her 2nd album out. Thank you, simply is not enough. I have been struggling with my words to express my gratitude.”
Madhu & Shailesh Rao, parents of recording artist Neela Rao

“Are you looking for high-quality, affordable voice lessons or a studio to record your music? My friend, Cory Cullinan, is a professional composer and has recorded hit children’s songs and music to major motion pictures. He also goes by “Dr. Noize” and has traveled far and wide to teach kids about the beauty of classical music.  He built a top-quality recording studio in his basement in Lone Tree for his own producing. But he also offers kids and adults voice lessons and producing, recording or song-writing services. He has a fun personality, and kids and adults quickly warm to him. Josie, Gracie and I have all taken voice lessons from him, and I can personally say I grew a lot from his training as Cory builds both skills and confidence. The girls had a great time recording their favorite songs, and I saw a quick boost in their confidence. His studio is called Reach Studios.”
— Elizabeth Billups