Composing & Licensing

“This stuff is amazing.”
Greg O’Connor, Emmy-winning composer & Owner of Number 1 Trax


Reach Studios owner Cory Cullinan’s passion is writing and recording music, and his personally-designed and owned production facility makes it all possible. Here’s a Highlight Reel of a wide range of his compositions:

Cory can write and record music, words and librettos for your projects and purposes. He’s an accomplished orchestrator, sound designer, editor and producer to help realize your goals for recordings, video, film, multimedia and songwriting.  References are available.

Cory’s uniquely positioned to both write and produce top-quality recordings as a one-stop shop, because he owns his own high-end production studio, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist recording entire tracks from keyboard to horn sections on his own, is a Stanford-trained electronic music studio wizard, and is an acclaimed vocalist and choir director with experience in a wide range of genres.

Larger projects can utilize Cory’s extensive network, from Grammy-winning singers and chart-topping musicians to child performers.  Agreements can be made as commissions, full scores for picture, works for hire, and tracks composed for specific projects or artists — or simply license music from his existing library…


Cory’s expansive library of music composed at Reach — with hundreds of meticulously produced tracks in many genres, from electronica to orchestral, instrumental to vocal — is available to license for your projects. Choose from the partial list of available tracks below, or contact Reach to request specific genres to audition for your project.

Orchestral Tracks (partial list)…

Instrumental & Pop Tracks (partial list)…

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