“He got an unfair huge slice of the talent pie, but you couldn’t hate him because he’s such a great guy.  I knew he’d do amazing things when I first met him, but this… wow.”
Bill Hare, Grammy-winning record producer

Here’s a Highlight Reel of Cory’s compositions and productions at Reach for many projects:

Cory’s available to write and record music and words for your projects and purposes.  He’s also an orchestrator, sound designer, editor and producer to help complete your visions. He’s uniquely positioned as a composer to go beyond writing and also produce top-quality recordings at an affordable price, because he owns his own high-end studio, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist recording entire tracks from keyboard to horn sections on his own, is a Stanford-trained electronic music studio wizard, and is an acclaimed vocalist and choir director with experience in a wide range of genres from funk to opera.

Larger projects can utilize Cory’s extensive network, from Grammy-winning singers and chart-topping musicians to kids who sing.  Agreements can be made as commissions, full scores for picture, works for hire, and tracks composed for specific projects or artists — or you can license music from his extensive existing recording library.

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