Welcome to Reach Studios, where you’ll make your dream recording in a dream environment.  To reach is the purest form of joy.

Reach is a high-end recording facility where Grammy-winners and first-time kids have both made their recordings.  Yes, Reach’s services are offered in all the most popular audio platforms.  Yes, Reach has some nice gear and five different recording rooms and spaces with whatever acoustical properties you need, from controlled to reverberant.

But what separates Reach is that it was designed by acclaimed composer Cory Cullinan — chart-topping musician Doctor Noize and someone creative like you — who wanted a fun and relaxing environment to inspire his creativity, not a stale and technical high-pressure old-school studio.  So he built his dream facility nestled into the foothills of Lone Tree, CO.

Your environment shapes your creations.  To relax and refuel between sessions, Reach has an indoor sports turf field with a killer sound system, a spacious kitchen and rejuvenation room with giant windows streaming the Colorado sun, a fitness space, arcade basketball and darts, invigorating outdoor offerings right out the door, walking-distance restaurants, and a luxurious Guest Suite for artists to stay at the studio where they’re recording.

Reach Studios isn’t in an industrial space.  It’s part of a beautiful home which will become your home for making recordings.  Isn’t that where you’d rather record?  Us too.  Explore the tabs above and contact to book your dream recording in a dream environment.

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