“Brilliant sounds — the production is top-notch.”
Ricky Kej, Grammy-winning recording artist

Reach Studios owner Cory Cullinan plays many instruments, and can add them all to your production.  But not all studio work is about conventional music.  Reach offers extensive soundscaping services — sound design, production and editing that utilizes technology to tell your story in creative ways.

Here’s an inside look at the meticulous soundscaping in the song Little Rock Don’t Break, about the Little Rock Nine and their ordeal desegregating schools in Arkansas in 1957:

Effective soundscaping is often the combination of great organic sounds and digital editing.  Cory — who studied avant-garde composition and sound design at Stanford’s renowned Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics with FM synthesis creator John Chowning — uses organic sounds recorded with Reach’s mobile recording rig and studio software to sculpt unique narrative audio effects for film, video, music and multimedia.

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