“Through all of his artistic endeavors, Cullinan delivers a pro-music
message that is creative, educational and fun.”

Teaching isn’t just a casual interest for Cory — he’s a former award-winning high school Arts Department Head, choir director and soccer coach who graduated from Stanford with Distinction & Honors.  His work as Dr. Noize is renowned for its high educational content for kids, and his studio’s called Reach.  He teaches through Reach in the following ways.

Genius Camp Workshops

Cory offers all the popular Doctor Noize Genius Camp Workshops for adults and kids.  Your group can, for example, write and record a song with Cory in 90 minutes at Reach Studios or with Reach’s Mobile Recording Studio at your school or organization.  Watch the video below, choose your workshop program or propose an individualized workshop.

Studio Training

Want to learn how to use and run a five-room recording studio and/or mobile recording rig? Or utilize the latest technology to compose and create music?  Cory can train you in pro recording techniques, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Sibelius, and more.  Perhaps more importantly…  He can teach you how to successfully produce music in a complex and holistic recording environment like Reach Studios — from managing gear, to managing a schedule, to inspiring musicians to give their best performance.  Contact Cory to start.

Keynote Addresses

Cory’s a leader with a proven track record of inspiring and producing Big Challenging Things with a galvanizing life story of triumph over tragedy.  Watch the video below; visit the Keynote Addresses page to choose Demystifying ExcellenceSophistication Matters, or a topic tailored to your needs; and contact to bring Cory to your organization or school.

Music Business Training

Want to professionalize your music business?  Cory’s experience may help — he’s probably the only musician in the world who’s been a full-time music teacher; secured over half a million dollars of investment capital for his music productions; received an annual salary from a multimedia corporation to function as an independent children’s musician; had hit songs on national charts; earned musical theatre and orchestral music commissions; secured songs in mainstream film and TV; raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter to produce an opera; earned a living as a touring artist booking his own shows; owned and operated his own recording studio; and been written up in the European Business Review as an entrepreneur.  Also… he’s failed at a lot of things in the music business.  Those successes and failures have yielded many insights and lessons learned.  Contact Cory to start.

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