“Through all of his artistic endeavors, Cullinan delivers a pro-music message that is creative, educational and fun.”

Teaching isn’t just a casual interest for Reach owner Cory Cullinan.  He’s Director of Recording Arts at Regis University, teaches recording at Stanford University summers, was an elected member of the Recording Academy Board of Governors serving on the Education Committee, and is a former award-winning high school Arts, Communication & Technology Department Head.  Explore Cory’s teaching in detail here.

Teaching at Stanford University

The author of a Master’s Thesis in Recording Arts Education, Cory thinks the best way to learn is to do. So Reach students are also composers, recording engineers and entrepreneurs by design. We don’t just learn here — in order to truly reach, you must risk and publish in your field.

Studio Production

Learn to run a five-room recording studio and mobile recording rig. Learn Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Sibelius, and more.  More importantly, learn to successfully produce music in a complex and holistic recording environment like Reach Studios — from managing gear, to managing a schedule, to inspiring musicians to give their best performance.

Producing Music @ Reach Studios

Songwriting & Composing

Learn composing, songwriting, arranging and orchestrating from an award-winning, chart-topping songwriter and oft-commissioned musical theatre and orchestral composer whose Honors for his Music degree at Stanford was for composition.  Learn the technology to write and score your music.  After writing your masterpiece, you can record it at Reach too.

Kyle Pickett & Cory Cullinan Discuss the Score

Music Business

Cory’s hailed as an entrepreneur by the European Business Review; failed at lots yielding lessons learned; secured a million dollars of investment in his art; received a salary from an international corporation to function as an independent artist; booked national tours; secured hit songs and film placements; made his own websites and marketing; and owned several companies and a studio. He’ll teach you to always get out there and always learn.

Speaking Of Learning…

Here are some free virtual teaching video Cory developed for courses at University of Colorado Denver and Regis University.

Module 4: Microphones, Spaces & Placing Sound

Module 4-1: Introduction & Polarity Patterns
Module 4-2: Assessing the Studio Rooms & Acoustics
Module 4-3: Setting Up & Testing the Mics
Module 4-4: Recording the Piano & Starting A Mix

Module 6: The Complete Project — Planning to Mixing

Module 6-1: Big Picture Planning
Module 6-2: Individual Project Planning
Module 6-3: Building a Song

Module 1,567,321: Recording Woodwinds & Running A Session

Module 1,567,321: That’s a Lotta Modules!

Basic Musicianship: Major Tetrachords Drill

This High-Production-Value Highly-Rehearsed Video Will Blow Up On The Internet. Not.

Basic Musicianship: 1/31/23 Class Video For Covid Classmate Crew

The few remaining healthy students and I shot this class video because we care oh so much.

Basic Musicianship: 2/3/23 Class Video For Covid Classmate Crew

Again, like the Marines, we leave no one behind… Okay, maybe it’s not like the Marines.

Basic Musicianship: 2/7/23 Virtual Class by AWOL Teacher

Cory pretends he is responsible by posting a video instead of showing up for his own class.

Basic Musicianship: Circle Of Fifths

I’m posting this Circle Of Fifths Video primarily because Circles Of Fourths are for losers.

On to Composing & Licensing