“A superb composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, singer, musician,
entrepreneur and I can only imagine what else you’re capable of.”
Martin Tichy, Vienna Symphonic Library Marketing Director

Reach Studios was meticulously designed as a space for Cory Cullinan to compose and record his music and commissions, rehearse his live performances, and relax and rejuvenate.  But from the beginning, he also intended it as a place to produce music for others and inspire his creativity in the process.  Here’s his story in brief…



Cory Cullinan graduated with Distinction and Honors in Music and Political Science from Stanford, focusing on composition, voice and electronic music.  Upon graduating, he became an award-winning high school arts department head and music teacher, conducting his Pinewood Singers to a first place finish and the only perfect score at Disney’s Music In The Parks festival against schools ten times their size.

He released an acclaimed and autobiographical solo album called My Oyster, and wrote and produced music featured in major movies, TV shows and documentaries ranging from a song in the Brad Pitt film Spy Game to PBS documentary soundtracks.

Parenthood changed his focus for a decade, and he became known nationwide as hit children’s recording artist, composer, performer, author, and multimedia producer Doctor Noize.  His #1 song on Sirius XM Kids radio, Banana, spawned a 3D animated video and a hit iPhone app in 25 countries.  He’s an oft-commissioned musical theatre composer, from The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof (based on the first two Doctor Noize albums and books) to a modernized version of Sleeping Beauty currently in production.  Cullinan performs live as Doctor Noize in popular one-man-band loop recording solo shows and full orchestra symphony shows across the country.

Fusing Cory’s background in sophisticated music, teaching, and kids’ media, Doctor Noize is renowned for its production values and ambitious educational content.  Welcome To Grammaropolis was a Top Ten hit on the national kids charts; he’s composed and produced multiple albums about words for the Grammaropolis brand, spawning dozens of popular animated videos; and he wrote and orchestrated his two act musical Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony for the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a Grammy-winning voice cast that introduces the joy of orchestral music and the fine arts to kids and newcomers.

An experienced public speaker since his teens, Cory’s Keynote work began when a school asked him to discuss how he became his high school valedictorian shortly after his only sibling died of cancer and his father committed suicide.  He has since given keynotes —“Demystifying Excellence,” “Sophistication Matters” and individually tailored talks — at venues like Renaissance Weekend, Google headquarters, Stanford University, and teaching organizations.

Cullinan’s a unique producer and performer because he has an extensive background in everything involved in the process — from composing and orchestrating, to engineering, to performing in front of crowds of 20 to 2,500.  He’s been there and gets every stage of the journey as a musician, and the years he spent as a teacher, soccer coach and arts department head help him communicate with audiences and clients alike.

He’s recorded his music with some of the greatest musicians of many genres — from Grammy-winning opera stars Isabel Leonard and Nathan Gunn, to jazz-charting great Anton Schwartz, to pop legends from Chris Isaak’s and Huey Lewis’ bands, to the best and brightest of the next generation like the Colorado Children’s Chorale.  He will bring the same experience and meticulous care to your production at Reach.

For a more comprehensive telling of Cory’s story, read his Doctor Noize Bio.

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